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I Love Digital. Sure it’s an ambiguous statement, but it’s true. Over the past decade I have become increasingly obsessed with all things digital, to the point of drowning… you know, the good kind of drowning.

These days I joust with programming; I breathe design; I bathe in online marketing and I dream user experience.

But the digital and I weren’t always so close. While we constantly maintained a healthy mutual respect, originally digital was not my chosen path.

A career in public relations was the plan – the thrill of balancing the communicational goals of the organization with the wants and needs of the media.
And that lasted quite some time, PR is great, but something was always missing… something only ones and zeros could quench.

It was actually within the realm of PR that things between the digital world and I started to blossom. The more I utilized digital technologies to achieve my communications goals, the more entrenched I became in the desire to learn more, do more and win more in the digital space.

In fact, while working full-time, I began studying the technologies that drove many aspects of the web. Firstly, I wanted to get my head around the display technologies of HTML and CSS. And learning these did help, but I was sated for only a short time. What I learnt only further drove my need for more. As I mastered these initial languages, I dove deeper and deeper, exploring PHP, MySQL, jQuery and AJAX – my brain swelled…

And that’s not all.

Throughout my learning journey (and a number of classes at University), I also developed proficiency in the Adobe Suite – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and more recently Flash, as well as a high level of expertise in optimizing websites for search engines (SEO).

Coming back to the present day, my digital obsession has resulted in the formation of some truly enviable abilities.

You see, while my journey has enabled me to develop competency in working with digital technologies, it is the combination of these skills with my expertise in communications and facilitating mutually beneficial outcomes (from my PR days) that has seen my value truly explode.

It is in melding these qualities – which are rarely seen concurrently – that makes me the perfect organizer, planner, motivator, marketer and manager of digital projects; a brilliant interactive project manager.

And that’s it. That’s me in a HTML shell.

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