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Look! It’s my first post

Yes, this is my first post.

I guess it would be prudent of me to give you some information about this blog and how it will differ from every other blog out there…. hmmm, uh, well…

I suppose my biggest point of difference is the fact that I am writing this blog about topics that interest me. “Wow, that’s pretty lame!” I know, I know, but actually it has some merit. I’m a conversational writer who is going to keep you informed about my thoughts on digital marketing in the city I live – Los Angeles.

Sure, there’s a bunch of other people who already do the same, but naturally their slant will be different and it’s up to you to discover which blogger helps you the most. I do hope it’s me.

Speaking of which, if you do like me, please link to my blog and make sure you comment on my posts whether you agree with what I’m saying or not.

And hey, if you don’t like the blog or me, then feel free to keep it to yourself and visit one of the other millions of blogs out there in cyber land. I have feelings you know.

That’s all for now.


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